About “Gansevoort”

So I figured since I’m finally releasing the track “Gansevoort” I should probably provide some info on what this song as a whole represents for me. Originally this track was titled “Personal Snippet” in all of my devices because it wasn’t actually ever meant for it to be a public release. It wasn’t a song about punchlines or slick shit, it was just something I felt and experienced that I figured only I would truly get, so I’d have it to bump and remind myself I’ve come a long way. Originally it only consisted of the 1st verse and hook you hear now.

   The first verse  was an experience I personally had lived through. It was my 2nd time meeting up with a now close friend/Producer Jason who is a watch designer from California who had discovered my music about the same time the “Yeezus” album had dropped. We’d usually link up in NY and discuss music, our ideas, and next possible moves. This 2nd meet up took place at the “Gansevoort” Hotel (Pronunciation: (ganz’vôrt, -vōrt)). We took an Uber Black there. We ended up lighting up and smoking outside the window of the hotel. We were high up so I had a sick view of Manhattan in front of me. He was telling me about how he had shown Shawn Stockman 1/3 members of Boys to men my music and how I had true potential. We discussed planning a flight to California and linking up with him to speak about me as an artist, which later became a reality. I remember key quotes from that day (the rest not so much, we were high af. I remember going to McDonald’s copping food and Jason giving a homeless dude 20 bucks) one thing Jason said that day was “What’s a jack of all trades, if you’re mastering nothing?” the other I remember me saying which was that I promised I wouldn’t stop creating until I made it since people see I have the potential of doing so, and since he was one of the few that believed in me and my music.

    The Hook. The hook basically summed up everything I’ve have felt while making music. I immediately started writing this track as soon as I got home from the Gansevoort still buzzed off bud from earlier. I felt under rated in my city. Still do. I provided something different that no one here is searching for yet. Although I had plenty of supporters in other states and cities It was upsetting. I was slept on, point blank. Everyone just see’s me as the graphic designer dude. Like how in Kanye’s earlier years all they saw him as was a producer and not a rapper. Some said I was doing the whole music thing wrong once, which made me think “who the fuck are you to tell me I’m doing something wrong you know nothing about?” Yet after receiving the news about heading to Cali. I was confident in the future I’d be above all those that thought they were the best. I’d kill their egos.


    The second verse. The second verse wasn’t written till about a year or two later? by then it was my 2nd time in California. The year I got signed. The Label and I were posted up in this studio mansion up in the hills. You could look down and basically see all of LA. It was the same studio Travis Scott recorded his album, Kanye recorded “All Day”, and Common used to spit in. I felt like it was a big career move at the time. To this day lessons were learned, and I found out who I truly was as a person and artist. What I will and will not do for a possibility of fame. Once I was in Cali with the label, people who never had interest in me and my music started coming outta nowhere trying to see if they could get put on. People started talking more. They saw the pictures on my snapchat and Instagram and all of a sudden trying to show respect. Some even contacted my people from cali trying to push their shit to end up where I was. It was kinda funny.


But thats basically some information on the song. A lot went down that could contribute even more to this track, but I rather not even get into it. If you’ve heard the song I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven’t check it out, you might.