5 hour sessions in EastWest Recording Studio – LA.

My visits to California have always been “eye opening” to say the least. There has been a lot I’ve seen and learned about how the industry is ran. In fewer words, it’s pretty fucked up. Regardless my time in the studios we’ve traveled to and recorded tracks at are pretty phenomenal. I didn’t think all the talk about having a studio atmosphere really made a difference. I can say it definitely puts your mind in a different frame of thought. There is always that feeling of legitimacy, like you’re getting closer to something you’ve been pursing for such a long time. To make music in studios such as “EastWest” and “All That is Studios” where artist such as Kayne West, Travis Scott, Common, Dj Khaled and many others have blessed the mic at is truly motivational. I plan on working hard enough until visiting studios like that is no longer a rare treat for me, but something I’d be able to do on a daily basis just because I could.